The Brew Barn

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Moon Hill Brewing not only serves our beer at the 200-seat brewpub in Gardner, MA, but we now are collaborating with the Red Apple Farm in Phillipston, MA on a beer and hard cider family country fun project.  We call it the Brew Barn and inside it is a tap room with beautiful bar, picnic tables and a ceiling fan that will leave you breathless, literally. Outside, more tables, more shade, more fresh air, and beautiful scenery.

We feature 8 Moon Hill Beers on tap, a collaboration Apple Beer, "Rick & Al's Apple Ale", a delicious hard cider from Carlson's and several non-alcoholic choices too.

But that's not all.  This barn is couched in Red Apple Farms beautiful country side orchard.  It couldn't be more serene, bucolic, thought provoking (or not!).  AND we have roasted nuts, popcorn, a barbecue menu, ice cream, hay rides, live music, a country store and farm animals.  The kids will love it, the parents will love it and craft beverage lovers will be in their element.

What's more exciting is our plan to begin making our own hard cider in the spring of 2019.  We'll make it right on the farm and it will serve as yet another reason to leave home and visit the country.  And with all the apple varieties available at the farm, we will be tipping some pretty serious ciders!


Visit the Red Apple Farm for more information.